Vayna – Pervaya Stupen – Ahota

Vayna - Pervaya Stupen - AhotaVayna – Pervaya Stupen – Ahota
is the first book I have read by Tolstoy. To be honest, I am very neutral about liking it or not. I finished, closed the book and I was just like “meh”. It is a really short book, I didn’t but you can finish it at once. I will try to tell about and criticise the book.

In the part called War, Tolstoy criticises the war as a concept. He talks about the definition of war, the perspective of society’s and the government’s about war, compulsory military service and its necessity with as many as possible quotes. He also talks about humans’ goals, not-a-must fake targets that will keep them busy all their life.

In the part called The First Step, he talks about vegetarianism and the concept of moral. He tries to define the moral, firstly. Then he says that fast is the first goal to achieve for reaching excellence. Every feast, opening, celebration have meals, the meals and the magnificence of them are very important for the people, says Tolstoy. He says that the people are killing animals just for fun and to satisfy themselves. He says that the meat is a luxury, not a need ( I think that’s irrelevant now ). And he adds that the vegetarianism is very important about the morality of the people, and will let the people claim the excellence’s ladder (and I disagree again 😀).

In the part called Ahota, he criticises the concept of hunting. He says that it’s just a pleasure, the thing that people do for pleasure and to satisfy themselves.

As a summary, the book was not bad. But I don’t think I liked it as much as to recommend it. I have written about it generally, it’s your choice.

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