The Sorrows of Young Werther

Yes, I finished Goethe’s “Die Leiden Des Jungen Werthers”. I continued to read 130 pages at a slow pace, last day I finished this book in less than an hour. 😀 While I was reading the book, I continued to read it by trying to suppress the spoilers I got from my friends in my conscious. I would be more happy if I hadn’t got any.

What I learned later about the book is that Goethe received a stay in Frankfurt, where he returned when Charlotte Buff refused the love of him whom he had met while he was practicing a lawyer in Wetzler in 1772.

Before I read the book, I started to wonder if I would do an research about it on the internet and learned that it caused a suicide outbreak among the readers. Actually, if you are a reader, you can also count yourself as had a spoiler,  no problem.

The book contains compilations of letters that Werther usually wrote to Wilhelm. As days passed by our characters, we read Wilhelm’s transcriptions, his love and his obsession to his love and commitment. Our character falls in love with a woman named Lotte in the town of Wahlheim, and tells his love with writing letters to Wilhelm oftenly as Lotte-focused. Lotte marries a man named Albert and continues to be friends with Werther. In this crooked relationship, Werther can not find a suitable place for him, only the complicated feelings he has experienced are transferred to his letters.

As a result, I can say that the book was a little better than I expected. However, the fact that it caused a suicide outbreak surprised me after reading it, I did not see such an impressive story. Nevertheless, I recommend you to read it.

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