The Alchemist

The AlchemistI want to tell you something about the book I have finished recently, The Alchemist.

The book is about the trip of a shepherd named Santiago to the Egypt’s pyramids. He is taking this trip for claiming some treasure he had seen in his dreams. He is having some adventures, mythical events, falling in love… But the main goal is not telling these events, every event in this book have some deeper meanings. Mainly about thinking positively. What about me on this opinion, am I agreeing on this? Not really.

The story had taken “If you believe everything is possible” and “Do your best and hope for your goal, it’s going to happen. The universe is with you on this.” sentences as the main theme, I think. It’s also referring Islamic themes and characters, frequently because of the place story is happening in. The story tells us that if we are decided to do something and push ourselves to the limit, the universe will see that and help us with some signals that we can see somehow. I don’t know, I don’t buy these, really. Isn’t it over narcissistic? 😀

As a result, I recommend the book. Isn’t it a twist? 😀 Because I have never been bored while reading this book and if you think with the same perspective with the book’s, you will rush it to the end. I think the ending was pretty good, also. In summary, I recommend it. Bye.

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