Robotic Head Project

Robotic Head ProjectI wasn’t able to focus on this two-axial robotic mechanism project because of my internship. But I am now. You can remember me moving the head with the mouse position on the screen. I thought about if I can adapt this to the VR cardboards. I had bought one of them recently and I was curious about if they will go smooth together or not. At first, my main goal was arduino&iPhone communication via Bluetooth and then driving the servos. But I couldn’t imagine how to pair them, my bad I think. So I chose the long way, connected iPhone with my computer server with wi-fi network, and then to the Arduino via serial communication.

As a result, there is a small latency because of my modem & wi-fi band quality, but it is really close to what I wanted. I am thinking about improving this with adding a camera, maybe lasers and then let it auto-aim targets with image-processing technic sometime soon. You can watch the video montage I made down below. I will publish the page about this project with more detailed information soon. I’m writing it slowly, tbh. ?

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