L’Etranger gave me a hope while I was reading it but I wasn’t satisfied at the end enough. But it was pleasant to read, I had never got bored.

The book is about our character named Meursault, and his estrangement to world day by day. The character watches the events careless, quite passively in his lifetime.

Camus had written the book in quite an existentialism, you can agree with him even you don’t think like that while reading the book. After that, the characters, their lives, worries, and purposes will be starting to lose their meanings and priorities. This is proof of Camus’ success, actually. Our character Meursault is there to describe that opinion, too. He is being on trial and he is witnessing the whole course almost like a spectator, he is never interfering.

Honestly, I didn’t like the book that much. But I have never been bored while reading this. I recommend you to read it.

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