Fantastic Night

One of the short books I chose because I could not spend much time reading books was Stefan Zweig’s Extraordinary Night. The book belongs to İş Bankası Culture Publications. It has a length of about 70 pages, and I can say that it took at most 1 hour from start to finish.

“Once a man has found himself there is nothing in this world that he can lose. And once he has understood the humanity in himself, he will understand all human beings.”

The book tells how the life of a man approaching the events around him in a cold and insensitive way changed in one evening by a simple crime. The character lives a series of events following the crime he has committed, and they change his way of looking at the people around him, affecting his behavior. In the book you are witnessing these changes through the perspective of the character, with a very good representation of Zweig.

“No guilt is forgotten so long as the conscience still knows of it.”

Zweig is a writer I’ve just read. In fact, the greatest features of this book, and of the books I received that he wrote in the meantime, were the lengths of them. But in this book Zweig has quite well explained the changes in emotions. I do not know if I am positioning myself close to character, but the book has especially pushed me into it, and even made me forget to look at the page number.

Apart from that, when the story of the author is not fully settled yet, there is still a struggle to tell the events at the end of this story. This can get a little annoying. From the first page you will be exposed to descriptions that you may find unnecessary. So to put it briefly, it is a book that some people hardly can read.

I definitely recommend to read this book. Perhaps you feel close to the character, a little more than a normal reader.


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