Fantastic Night

One of the short books I chose because I could not spend much time reading books was Stefan Zweig’s Extraordinary Night. The book belongs to İş Bankası Culture Publications. It has a length of about[…]


L’Etranger gave me a hope while I was reading it but I wasn’t satisfied at the end enough. But it was pleasant to read, I had never got bored. The book is about our character[…]

the alchemist square

The Alchemist

I want to tell you something about the book I have finished recently, The Alchemist. The book is about the trip of a shepherd named Santiago to the Egypt’s pyramids. He is taking this trip for[…]

robotik kafa projesi

Robotic Head Project

I wasn’t able to focus on this two-axial robotic mechanism project because of my internship. But I am now. You can remember me moving the head with the mouse position on the screen. I thought[…]

anıl öztürk

We Are On!

Finally, I have made last translations and fixes for my website. I think we’re ready to be shared on social media platforms 😀 You can follow & share blog posts like this, my projects and[…]