About My Robotic Arm Project

Robotic Arm ProjectA few days ago I ordered some parts for my 2-axis robotic arm project from Robotistan;

  • 2 x PowerHD Servo Motor
  • HC-06 Bluetooth Module
  • Actobotis Micro Gripper Kit A

Today I received my order and I found a little surprise in the package. Candies 😀 I thought that gripper kit has its own mini servo motor, I was wrong.

Normally I was planning about 3-axis general robotic arm, then it turned into 2-axis head-like robotic arm. You can see its basic work principle for 2-axis movement system as displayed below. I was driving two servos by Arduino & C# communication written by myself, with my mouse moves. Robotic Arm ProjectI taped two servos to create 2-axis movements for now. I will design the arm parts with SolidWorks and print with 3D printers in the future. I didn’t test the Bluetooth module, but I’m planning to use it for the communication between Android phone with VR glasses and this project.

I will post more blog posts about this project in the future, and the final version will be accessible from Projects page.

Robotic Head Project

You must wait to load for watching the GIF properly.

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