Hi, I’m Anıl Öztürk. I graduated from Bursa Ahmet Erdem Anadolu Lisesi in 2014. I graduated from Mechatronics Engineering in Yildiz Technical University in 2018. I’m doing my M.Sc. at Istanbul Technical University Computer Engineering based on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. While studying in school, my interest in robotics and its purposes has increased. So I’m trying to learn, try new things about it in my free times. I’m also caring for technology, industry events in my school. Participant or organizator.

Before my academical experience and skills, I want to tell you about my hobbies and interests;


  • Listening music (Instrumental, Indie etc. If you are using Spotify, you can see my playlist from here)
  • Television series (You can see my list from here)
  • Films (Soon I will create my IMDB playlist.)
  • Reading books (I barely read books. But the science subjected ones are my thing.)
  • Table tennis
  • Recording short films and editing (I like recording and editing digital-illusion videos.)
  • Electro guitar as amateur
  • Some competitive online computer games (Recently I’m not playing them but I’d like to play with my friends.)

I’m also interested in modern physics, evolutionary biology and medicine. I’m trying to catch their articles and TV programs. I love learning the things called Life Hack and the principle of the mechanisms we are using in our life daily.

My interest in robotics and automation made me interested in searching, making new things. You can see some of them by using the Top-Menu.